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Our Team

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Paola Tulliani Zen, the founder of SmartClassArizona, visits families at a local education fair in Phoenix. 

As a young Italian immigrant with no English, Ms. Tulliani excelled in school due to tutoring. The Smart Class initiative will provide our children with their very own self-learning tablets so they can be "tutored" at their own pace as a support to teachers and parents alike. 

Paola Tulliani Zen

Together we will help all students succeed
for a beautiful, prosperous Arizona!

The core of our team is YOU, the people of Arizona. We are a collaborative effort between  Parents, Corporations, Citizens, and Community Leaders. Education is a non-partisan issue that affects all Arizonans. Smart Class Arizona's initiative has received growing support, and together, we can make Arizona the BEST!
We have received the support of many local organizations and individuals who want to be part of this great initiative. 

About Smart Class Arizona

Propelling the desire to learn using advanced educational
technology in a fun way! Children hunger for knowledge
need something to keep them interested and entertained.
Much like cell phones and gaming tablets, the learning pad
captures students' attention, allowing them to learn at their
own pace while providing lessons on reading, math,
stories, puzzles, and many other fun activities. Open their
minds, and their creativity will blossom.


The Arizona State Legislature passed a program called "no child left behind." While intended to boost scores and facilitate learning, it produced the opposite. Students pass while lacking the skills needed for success in the next grade. The effect further demoralizes the student
struggling to keep up without the required skills.
A student should not pass on to another grade without first mastering the skills needed for
the next grade, giving them confidence and drive to creative thinking and obtain positive
goals. Our children must know English and basic math by second grade. The ability to speak
and write the English language opens exciting new worlds for them.
The United States of America is a world power and has developed many innovative ideas
and products, creating wonder worldwide. Most of them are by people that learned to continue to be self-educated. Developing creative minds to move America forward is paramount to
our survival and prosperity.
The 2024 election will be about Education. WOW! We have known that this has been a national problem, yet no leader has stepped up or been able to solve this problem. Tom Horne,
Arizona's Superintendent of Education, will lead and help teachers enhance Education for our
children in the early years.
Under the leadership of our State Superintendent, Tom Horne, we propose a pilot program
for two kindergarten classrooms. This program will later expand to 200 classes.


Mission - Vision - Goal


We plan to implement pilot studies to demonstrate an increase in learning capacity among students provided with these fun, innovative learning pads. As results are gathered, the program will be expanded to all students in Arizona.


In alliance with people of Arizona, parents, teachers, leaders, and corporations, we will help children learn strong reading and math skills. Using advanced computer tablet technology starting at preschool and kindergarten, Arizona children will get a head start to help them reach their maximum potential. With an incredible learning curriculum, these fun exciting tablets will help kids further open their minds and creativity.


Ourr goal is to have all students proficient in English and basic math by the 2nd grade.

Our Community of Volunteers

Thank you to the many volunteers who want to see our children succeed and have put their time and resources into helping them.
Education is everyone's passion.

Arizona We Can Do This!
Please contact Anna Marie with your support and any questions:


Children are our future, and they deserve the best

Change A Child's Life Today

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